Become a Passion Consultant or Affiliate

Are you ready to get paid for selling pleasure, legally? You may want to get started today by trying out our Free Affiliate Program


If you are shy, currently a US Senator, don't have time to build an organization, or just simply want to make extra money without anyone knowing you are "involved", you may want to start out with our unique Affiliate Program. This program is also ideal for those who already have their own business and wish to supplement their income by simply mentioning to their existing customers or a link on their website. Just think, you could be earning extra money tomorrow and it is absolutely free. So why would you want to become an Affiliate in the sex toy industry you may ask?

Unlimited Consumer Demand: Lets face it, Sex Sells. In contrast to companies that ask you to promote bad tasting diet shakes or a pimple cream, everyone enjoys pleasure even if they are a closet kinkster. And unlike the competition we don’t offer just a handful of products to choose from. With almost 150 different categories we have over 18000 items in stock that meet the needs of any lifestyle or gender.

Economy Proof: Did you know the sex toy industry in the US is expected to grow from 16 million dollars to 86 million by the year 2020. Don’t you want to be involved in an industry whose demand will grow by over 500% in the next 3 years? Who says size doesn’t matter?

Here is how it works:

1. Simply send an email to saying you are interested in becoming an Affiliate. Within 24 hours you will receive a reply requesting a few basic pieces of information.

2. You will then be assigned your own unique Affiliate number which will also serve as your coupon code. Simply provide that code to anyone anonymously when you mention our website or provide them a link to any of our over 18,000 products. The customer will receive a 10% discount on their entire order (except shipping and handling) and the Affiliate will earn a 20% commission paid monthly to your Paypal account.

3. The Affiliate Program requires absolutely NO investment and NO inventory. You never need to contact the customer, order a product, touch the product, or ship it. You simply earn money on every order from anyone who uses your coupon code. However, once you see how simple this really is you will probably still want to explore becoming a Passion Consultant. Then you not only save 30% on all your purchases, but you will receive a override on everyone in your organization that enjoys what you are doing as well including other sponsored Affiliates. There truly is no limit to how large your organization could become while you continue to Play In Secret.

Three Ways to Earn as a Passion Consultant
Because our products average cost is well below retail you can earn up to 40% commission instantly by selling our pleasure products directly at your next party. You instantly receive a 30% discount below our current wholesale pricing as a Passion Consultant on all orders you place directly.
Similar to our Free Affiliate program mentioned above, your unique Passion Consultant ID number serves as a Coupon Code offering a 10% discount on every purchase your customers make on our website - while earning you a 20% commission on every sale. Best of all, the products are then discretely packaged and shipped directly to the person placing the order. So, you Play In Secret and anonymously on line let people know to go to our website and enter your coupon code for an instant 10% savings. Just imagine what you could be earning just on social media and dating sites.Magically, while enjoying one of our new products in Secret, you just made money on their entire order, less shipping. No money spent, only money earned.
You can earn an override by recruiting other playful people like yourself to join. Not only will they now have fun, but you earn money on every sale for all three levels of your team. Now, that is a threesome where no one ever gets jealous. Get ready to fall in love with your boss, YOU!
PLAY Without All The Rules
Don’t worry about filling your garage full of products in order to make money. Play In Secret means exactly that. You can literally make money just handing out your cards with your unique coupon code, although products at parties will provide an immediate return. On line you can simply mention the coupon code and watch what happens. Besides, the more of our products you try, the more you will want just for yourself and your lovers. So put your car where it belongs, and what is in that drawer by your bed is your Secret.
Unlike most home based businesses we don’t have to force you to order our products each month that you don’t even need. You will enjoy ours for years of intense intimacy. Our pleasure products are for adults over 18 only, that is the only requirement we have. Remember this is supposed to be fun, not another annoying monthly credit card charge that, once set up, is difficult to cancel.
We want you to have more orgasms and less stress. Don’t worry about meeting sales goals. Relax, but once you get involved you will be surprised how easy it is and surprisingly how many people you know will be interested. Remember, even if they don’t tell you their Secrets, as long as they have your card and unique coupon code you will make money and never even realize it until you get your check. Of course, to earn an override on your team we do require a certain volume every two months. But we have absolutely no sales or purchase requirement to earn commissions on personal or referral sales.
Purchase one of the four different Four Play passion consultant starter packages For as little as $149.00 you will be ready to please. While this is our most basic package, you truly have everything you need to get started including your own personalized business cards. Did I forget to mention a few basic toys and a Secret gift are included to get you extremely turned on, just the way I like it. If you wish to build your own kit please let us know as you may have other ideas about what will drive you and your special someone crazy. A minimum order of $149.00 is required but remember that also includes your free business cards and account set up!
Quickie Start Guide

1st Base: By reading the above you just finished first base. How was it?

2nd Base: Simply send an email to saying you are interested in becoming a Passion Consultant. Within 24 hours you will receive an online application via email. Complete and sign electronically.

3rd Base: Once approved you will be notified by email. Then select one of the four packages under Four Play or you can build your own. A minimum order of $149.00 is required but remember that also includes free business cards account set up. Add to your shopping cart and make payment.

All The Way: Within 5 business days you will receive your complete starter kit, including a welcome letter providing your unique Passion Consultant ID and log in, your own personalized business cards with unique coupon code, and complete access to our commission tracking system and library of great ideas and organization building tools. Don’t forget the toys you ordered to reward you and your partner for your decision. Now you are ready to Play In Secret.