Play In Secret.com is a website, pleasure products reseller and home based business opportunity.

We offer a wide array of products offered typically at 30-60% below retail. In addition, the website offers a Free Affiliate Program and three earning approaches as a Passion Consultant for those seeking to earn extra income and be their own boss.

The web site and store are wholly owned subsidiaries of Our Secret Web LLC. We only operate in the USA, we have zero debt, and our company headquarters is based in Cumming, Georgia -- imagine that.

Our company is run by women, but our products are for men, women and couples who are age 18 or older. With over 18,000 products in almost 150 categories we offer one of the largest selections in the industry. And if you don't find what you are looking for contact us and if it exists, and is legal, we will find it for you.

Our approach to sales is fun based, not pressure based. We call it Earn While You Play.Our opportunity eliminates all the typical pitfalls of other home based sales programs. Our Affiliate Program is Free and is ideal for those who wish to remain anonymous, those simply exploring the opportunity further, and business owners who wish to generate additional revenue to their existing customer base. Our Passion Consultants have NO monthly minimum sales or forced auto ships so they truly enjoy being involved. With a low start-up cost as little as $149.00 our Earn While You Play program appeals to everyone regardless of budget or time constraints. Our company is focused on pleasing You and you will feel the difference. After all, we are in the business of pleasure.

Our typical pricing is 30-60% below retail while adhering to all manufacturer minimum advertised pricing (MAP) guidelines.

Yes, we protect all of your contact information and never sell your information to third parties. In addition, your orders are held in strict confidence and all orders are shipped in unmarked discrete packaging.

Yes, we playfully call our gift certificates “Sex Bucks” and they make the perfect intimate gesture for all occasions. It will be emailed to you as a downloadable image usually within 48 hours of your order confirmation and credited to your Sex Bucks Vault. They are valid for one year and accepted on line same as cash for purchase of all our products. When you enclose Sex Bucks in a card it makes the perfect gift that “keeps on giving” for many pleasurable memories.

To provide the utmost security to our customers we process all payments via Paypal which accepts all major credit cards and we charge no additional processing fees.

NO, anyone 18 or older can purchase our products on line and have them delivered to their doorstep. However, to receive a 10% discount off our already reduced prices, you must use a coupon code provided by a Passion Consultant< or your Party Host

That is the whole idea behind our home based business plan. You can start out completely Free as an Affiliate and you will be assigned a unique code allowing you to earn 20% while your Customers save 10% while remaining completely anonymous. With a no pressure model, our Passion Consultants have three ways to earn extra income while enjoying the pleasure our products provide. You can sell direct while hosting a Party, you can Play In Secret anonymously in social media, or you can build a sales team of other Passion Consultants just like you. As your own boss, you can earn extra income with absolutely no inventory or minimum sales requirements. However, having products available for instant impulse purchasing at a home party will definitely increase your sales.

Our program was developed by a team of MLM experts familiar with all the pitfalls of home based businesses. Simply put, we have removed all the negatives of our competitor’s compensation plans. We offer a Affiliate program that is completely Free and instantly permits you to earn 20% on all orders placed using your unique code. As a Passion Consultants,we have a low cost to join (as low as $149.00), have no inventory investment requirements, have no monthly auto ship requirements, have no minimum sales requirements, and offer a massive product line that appeals to everyone, and we have introduced a three pronged approach to generating extra income unlike no other. Oh did I mention also that we are in the pleasure industry and trust me, Sex Sells! Our no pressure approach appeal to all personalities, so even the shy or inexperienced can earn while they Play in Secret.

Yes we uniquely offer a complete line of BDSM products as well as the ability to obtain anything you may be looking for, just ask. Because we Play In Secret,we support all different lifestyles and understand that each of us derives pleasure in different ways. Whether you are submissive or dominant, we just want to earn your loyalty, trust and respect. Consider us your new “safe word.”

With over 18,000 products we have pleasure tools for all ages 18 and up. A healthier sex life may not make you live longer, but definitely happier and less stressed. Life is not a dress rehearsal, what are you waiting for?

Our Affiliate Program is the perfect option for those wishing to explore the opportunity and earn additional income within 24 hours of contacting us. The program is completely Free and provides you with a unique code that when your customer uses the code they save 10% and the Affiliate earns 20%. There are absolutely no inventory, sales, or start up costs. The Affiliate program is also ideal for businesses that wish to provide a link to one of your products or site and earn additional revenue from their existing customer base.

Our Affiliate program offers an instant way to get started with Play In Secret and is absolutely free. There are no charges, no inventory, no monthly sales requirements, and a great way to remain completely anonymous by simply mentioning your unique Affiliate Coupon Code. The customer will instantly save 10% and the Affiliate earns 20% on every order paid monthly to their Paypal account. The Affiliate program is also perfect for businesses that wish to share a link to one of our 18000 products or our website with their existing customer base to generate extra income. The Passion Consultant is a more advanced level and provides a 30% discount on all purchases as well as the ability to earn an override on all their sponsored Passion Consultants and Affiliates for 3 levels. While their is a start up cost of a minimum of $149.00 the income potential with the sponsorship program can be substantial. Similar to the Affiliate there is no monthly auto ship or inventory requirements. With either program you will truly enjoy the chance to earn while you play in secret.

About Our Products

We offer over 18,000 products in almost 150 categories. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, we will be happy to source it for you. We have additional access to over 70,000 items that we simply don’t have room for in our warehouse.

No, these products are only for people who enjoy giving or receiving pleasure. The estimated 46 million dollars in sales this year alone were certainly not based solely on my personal purchases. Once you Play In Secret, you will know why the industry is growing at a rate of over 500% per year. Whether you are male or female, young or old, beginner or experienced, straight or gay, shy or bold, single, couple or poly, we can meet your needs.

Our quality products have been selected to provide the ultimate enjoyment for you and your lovers. Your investment will provide years of intense pleasure and fun while you Play In Secret. Each product includes a detailed description and photos. Buy in confidence, Play with often, and Tellyour friends. Each product category also includes helpful summary Tips and Techniques (TAT) to maximize each products full potential. Our products can be purchased directly from one of our Passion Consultants, at a hosted Party, or online at PlayInSecret.com.

Many of our almost 150 product categories contain summaries that we call “TAT,” which are Tips and Techniques to maximize you and your partners enjoyment. In addition, many of our products even include photos. Don’t be afraid to ask your Passion Consultant for more personal instruction and if still uncertain feel free to contact us at Support@PlayInSecret.com

Absolutely! This is another aspect that separates us from the competition. We appeal to all lifestyles, especially sexy swingers and all of our products are perfect for couple play and couple plus play. In fact our Swinger Party Hosts are one of the top earning parties.

So, yes we approve. You will be amazed at how many products we offer that are ideally suited for couples play whether you are soft or full swap. Don’t overlook our complete lines of Sexy Wear. It guarantees your partners as well as other couple’s full attention at your next social event.

But you just did as this is FAQ. But to be honest, you are one of the reasons we decided on the name Play In Secret.We not only offer you ways to secretly earn money with our Earn While You Play programs, but you are able to shop in the privacy of your own home and your orders are always kept strictly confidential. In addition, if you are shy about using pleasure enhancements many of our product categories include helpful Tips and Techniques. Some of our individual products even include photos. So wipe that silly smile off your face as you enjoy the intense pleasure our products will deliver.

Most customers save an additional 10% less shipping by using a coupon code provided by our Passion Consultant or a Party Host. But don’t worry, we randomly offer other chances to save as we know you will love our products and will want to keep “coming” back for more. Register as a customer by clicking JOIN in top left corner of home page and be sure to check your email for monthly and holiday specials.

Yes, unfortunately do to the nature of the use of our products all sales are final. The only exception are defective products which can be returned upon approval. Please check our Shipping and Returns section for more details

While we offer the finest quality pleasure producing products, sometimes things happen. If you need to return a damaged product please carefully review and follow our Shipping and Return Policy to avoid any confusion or delays.

Many times you can take a product home with you from a Partythat night. Sometimes your Passion Consultant is able to even deliver your order personally. Otherwise, your products will be delivered to your door usually via USPS or UPS in a discrete unmarked packaging.

Yes, absolutely, no exceptions. Mark your calendar for your 18th birthday and I am sure we can make it a very special day.

Passion Consultant and Affiliate Opportunity

Funny I never thought I would encourage others to be “PC”. Well with Play In Secret we are anything but politically correct but we do love our Passion Consultants. They are different types of people with many different lifestyle preferences yet all have one thing in common, a desire to Earn While They Play.Not only do they enjoy their independence but they love sharing information about the products they offer and the company they represent. A Affiliate is an individual or a business that is interested in earning a commission by simply mentioning a discount coupon code without actually being involved in the business and remaining completely anonymous. This is totally Free and you can be earning commissions within 24 hours. The Afffiliate Program is a great way to get started with Play In Secret. A Passion Consultant is the more advanced level and an independent contractor who is provided full access to the unique sales tools and thousands of products that we offer. The Passion Consultant not only saves 30% on all their orders but they can qualify to receive an override on all of their sponsored Passion Consultants and Affiliates three levels deep. Either program offers unlimited income potential with the goal to please you while earning extra income and of course supplement their own personal toy drawer.

Well imagine a chance to Earn While You Play. Not only are you enjoying our products nightly you can also own and manage your own business and have an affair with your boss daily, you! Imagine a stress and debt free lifestyle. There is no limit to your income and while we don’t boast the unrealistic dreams of many companies, we can tell you your financial rewards are unlimited. Just like relationships, your success will match the efforts you put into it. Because there are no inventory or monthly sales requirements, our stress free approach makes this opportunity 100% risk free.

No, but most are women or couples. Let’s face it, do to social pressures there is a greater need for women to Play In Secret then men. But we encourage everyone to get involved and find that couples are the fastest growing segment of our business. Once you get started you will be amazed at how many people are interested in one of the almost `150 product categories we offer. In terms of online sales 62% are women and 38% are men with about 80% purchasing products that are female pleasure oriented. So much for the theory men are selfish lovers. The best news is we also average 93% repeat business so we look very forward to getting to know you.

You can begin earning overrides from your very first “virgin” recruit and continue to earn each month on three levels. While there are personal sales volumes that are needed to get overrides, there is No minimum sales requirement to earn commissions. True success is derived from your ability to build on what you did yesterday. As you build your Passion Consultant sales team you will be amazed at the earning potential while you are relaxing and enjoying one of our 18,000 pleasure giving products.

One of the many great things about selling pleasure is these products literally sell themselves. Most of our Passion Consultants are not sales people, but their excitement about our products and this opportunity is contagious. You don’t need to be a sales pro to talk about the most intense orgasm you ever experienced. The testimonial and the smirk on your face will do all the selling for you.

The sky is the limit. There is no ceiling on your income and we have multiple ways to Play.You can host a Party, you can Play In Secretand simple promote a discount coupon on social media, or build a huge organization of fun playful people just like yourself. If you don’t want to be involved you can still earn Sex Bucksfor unlimited free toys for you and your lovers by simply being a Party Host.

Right away after you Join. Set up a party and earn profits on all your personal sales instantly. Next begin to see monthly commissions of 20% on all sales generated when others use your coupon code. That is a great way to Play In Secret.You also receive monthly overrides on three levels of your downline if you to decide to share your Secret way of earning money while you Play.

NO, but if you were an expert just imagine your sex life! Ever heard the expression learn by doing. Testimonials of your own experience with a toy are the best sales tools ever. In addition, in each of our almost 150 categories you will find Tips and Techniques to help maximize your personal enjoyment. Many of our products even include photos.

Our typical pricing is 30-60% below retail while adhering to all manufacturer minimum advertised pricing (MAP) guidelines. As a result your average direct to customer sale will typically generate 40% instant commissions. In addition, as a Passion Consultantyou automatically receive a 10% discount on all orders you place. You earn an additional 20% commission on all orders placed by others using your unique coupon code.

First, I hope you always take time for you. Let our products reduce your stress and enjoy some amazing orgasms. Then, if you want to make money in Secret,or Host A Party, or build a team of like minding Passion Consultants that is up to you. Try it and you will experience the best of both worlds when you Earn While You Play. Who knows, maybe one day you will no longer need to work and then you can be the Boss! When was the last time you were Paid To Party anyway?

Absolutely NO minimum sales are required to earn commissions. Unlike our competitors, we put fun and passion first. We have no auto ship hassles, no sales mandated requirements, and no inventory needed (although your personal toy drawer will be full). Of course if you host a party and have products available to purchase immediately then you will make more sales. But we know we have the best quality products and the largest inventory in the industry so we don’t need any gimmicks. Our Passion Consultants will earn more with us regardless of their budget and without demands and more importantly will have more time to Play.

First, if you want to stay satisfied then yes I recommend you try out lots of toys in order to determine what works best for you. You should see my collection! But for earning purposes we do suggest having a wide assortment of products to display if you throw a Party. Otherwise your friends go home horny and empty handed. I believe that is called a tease and we prefer the immediate gratification approach. See our Four Playheavily discounted options for the ideal starter kit. Having a few of several items will meet the demands at a party as everyone is going to want take something home. But once again there are NO sales or purchase requirements. Our sales are based on desire, not mandate.

No, you can also Earn While You Play by instant commissions up to 40% on personal product sales. Earn 20% by simply blogging or going on social media and directing consumers to our website using your unique coupon code at check out. But don’t rule out building your own pleasure empire as it is even more fun to Play In Secretwith others.

With Play In Secret we are more about pleasure than rules (although we do suggest a safe word). No you don’t have to do anything but enjoy yourself and let these products heighten your sex life. Yes, you will definitely earn a great deal of money hosting parties and generating 20-40% instant commissions as well as meeting new potential Passion Consultants for your downline. Not to mention you will have a lot of fun. But we have Passion Consultants that take our name to heart and they choose to “Play In Secret”. By simply doing anonymous blogs, mentioning on dating sites, and social media they literally earn 20% on all orders by simply giving out a coupon number. Imagine, you have no inventory requirements, never have to meet anyone or share your name, and all products are shipped direct to the customer. This is 100% risk free and the money you earn goes directly into your Paypal account giving you more time to personally enjoy the products we offer.

As a Passion Consultant you will be assigned a unique coupon number. Simply promote the chance to save 10% on products already priced 30-60% below retail. You literally Play In Secretas you can anonymously blog or just let everyone on social media know about a new product that you just love (and you will!) They go on line, they save 10% on the purchase using the coupon codeyou provided and each month you get a 20% commission less shipping. Can it be anymore simple than that?

Glad you asked as that is why we have our name Play In Secret. Many are just not comfortable in the beginning throwing parties or recruiting others. You simply promote a discount coupon code in social media, dating sites, or write your own anonymous or pen name blogs and await a monthly deposit in your Paypal account of 20% on all orders less shipping.

Absolutely! Embrace your naughty self. With unlimited income and the many advantages of not only being your own boss but your ability to Earn While You Play is going to change your life “in and out” of the bedroom. Throw some awesome parties, get your friends “turned on” to our products and compensation plan and never look back! Everyone will soon wonder why you are always so relaxed, stress and debt free, not to mention how satisfied your partner(s) will be with the new you.

Once you JOIN you will receive everything you need to launch your own successful home based business. Oh and don’t forget depending on the package selected some wonderful reasons to go to bed early tonight. Your starter kit provides you a 100 business cards (250 for some kits) printed with your information and unique ID/coupon code. Our support team is available five days a week to answer any questions you have. We want you to have fun and to enjoy your Play In Secretexperience so much you will tell all your friends. We are so confident you will enjoy your experience with us we don’t need all of the typical sales requirement gimmicks.

Our Four Play start up kits give you four options on how to get started as a Passion Consultant. In addition, you will want to have some additional products on hand if you host a party for immediate gratification sales. Unlike our competitors, those on a tight budget can get this party started with everything you need for as little as only $149.00.

Yes regardless of the start up kit you select on Fourplay, you will receive aaccess to an online library containing tools and concepts that should answer any questions you ever imagined. We also have regular skype conferences and confidential regional meetings. After all, our name is Play In Secret.If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to contact support@playinsecret.com. Your success is critical to our success.

Ok I agree maybe the huge sign in the front yard that said “Stop In, I Sell Sex Toys was not your best idea. But truth be known who knows what they do when they Play In Secret? What is certain is we all enjoy sex and pleasure just in varying degrees. Be less concerned about what anyone thinks as long as you are having fun and able to generate a nice extra income. Oh and while your new investment just gave you the best orgasm of your entire life better keep quiet, what would the neighbors think.

Not to sound conceited but no one is even close. Our low up from cost (as little as $149.00), our No sales minimums or auto ship requirements, and our warehouse of over 18,000 products covering almost 150 categories is a deal changer. Consider that these products will generate 20-40% instant commission, ability to earn 20% just mentioning a coupon code on social media with absolutely no inventory investment, and even a override potential three levels deep. Need I say more? Even your customer’s benefit with instant 10% on line discounts, and your hosts immediately earn 10% from all party sales as non-members payable in valuable Sex Bucks!! This will be the Gold Standard that all the competition will envy. Oh almost forgot, we have fun and you will too as you Earn While You Play.

Yes and we can help you set up your link and even provide you with creative banners. We also have numerous materials already created to help promote a party, great party concepts or announcement about your new business. See you don’t have to Play In Secret, but you can if you want to.

Hosting A Party

Being a Passion Consultant it is a wonderful opportunity to not only have fun but you also Earn While You Play.

First you earn an immediate 20-40% commission on all products you have available and are purchased and taken home that night. You also earn a 20% commission on all orders placed with your 10% off coupon code regardless of when ordered. In addition to immediate gratification you also have an opportunity to have others join your team and earn an override on all their sales and of their affiliates three levels deep.

If you are just a Sexy Host and not a Passion Consultant, well not yet anyway, you will be assigned a “Lets Party” code. All products purchased by anyone using that code will earn you valuable Sex Bucks which will be emailed to you so you can get free pleasure toys. Not bad considering we both know they will get you off, since when did cash do that?

Be as creative as your mind and fantasies will allow. Since you are all adults, quite frankly you can have any kind of party you want. Please be familiar with state and local decency codes if you decide to host what we call a PWB (Party With Benefits). Most of our parties focus more on the verbal education regarding the variety of products we offer and their benefits. If you believe more in actual “hands on” demonstrations that is up to you but please make sure all your attendees are comfortable. Remember our name is Play In Secretbut that is up to you. Swingers parties seem to be one of our fastest growing segments. And where and when is your party again?

Well we are not your parents so technically the answer is NO so party like a rock star. However if you are not a Passion Consultant and want to earn credit for any online purchases made by your naughty attendees we need to assign you your unique “Party Code.” This unique code will be assigned to you one time for all your future naughty events. This is how we track orders contributed to your efforts and are then able to send you Sex Bucks so you can expand your toy collection until you decide to become a Passion Consultant and earn cash.

There is no cost from Play In Secretto host a Party but make sure you have notified us and have been assigned a Party Code to benefit by earning “Sex Bucks”from the event if not already a Passion Consultant. The only cost to you is whatever food, drink or party favors you provide. You may want to consider a pot luck concept if throwing a dinner party as otherwise with a large turnout it can be expensive. My favorite was the invite “Bring your favorite dish, and take home your favorite vibrator” concept.

From divorce to swingers to pole dancing parties it is all about having fun and your ability to Earn While You Play. If you are really wanting to have fun, once you select a theme ask your guests to dress for the occasion. Just know, for example, if you throw a toga party it may turn into a Party With Benefits so be careful what you ask for.

Be prepared to relax, have fun, and explore products that you normally wouldn’t even know existed much less where to find them. In the privacy of your host home feel free to ask questions, get new ideas, and open your mind to experiencing the ultimate orgasm. You will be invited to see, touch, taste and to some degree sample our pleasure products. Let’s face it, even if you had the courage to go to one of those creepy shops you would never dare do this. Some hosts will have products you can purchase and take home that night and trust me you will want to. If still too shy make sure to get a coupon code from your sexy host and order on line and receive a 10% discount. In a few days, your much anticipated pleasure products order will arrive in a discrete packaging. Dont forget to stock up on batteries!

Plan on going to bed early that night. Trust me you will never forget us as you Play In Secret.

Well, first you don’t have to hold parties. As a Passion Consultantyou can make a huge income simply promoting the site and a discount code on social media. Hence the name Play In Secret.But I do hope you try a Party. You may even want to consider starting by hosting a virtual party. We all start somewhere and when you surround yourself with others interested in having fun you may be surprised.

Yes, of course. While no cash is earned unless a Passion Consultant you will earn what we call Sex Bucks (more commonly known as gift certificates) which you can use on our site or give to a friend in celebration of a special occasion. You will be assigned a party host code and all orders using that code will be credited to you. We will send you a email with a Sex Bucksnumber that you can use to restock your toy drawer or surprise your lover (s) when your order arrives.

Yes but they are good for one year from date of issue. But why would you wait as hopefully you are anxious to experience the pleasure these products provide.

Unlike the competition we believe men actually have sex too, imagine that? Attendance will depend on the party theme however. Most parties will be for women only as typically men will only serve as a distraction or inhibit some naughty “just the girls” conversation. Besides it makes the perfect “girls night out” entertainment experience. However, we also have hosts that encourage couples, in fact swinger parties are one of the most popular. We also have hosts that sponsor events for men only, bachelor parties are a great example.

Don’t worry I will be gentle, sorry couldn’t resist. The easiest way to set up your first party is to get your Passion Consultant sponsor to help you. Otherwise simply Join and your kit, regardless of option, will include access to an extensive on line library providing step by step guidelines on everything you will need as well as over 30 amazing party ideas.

I know you will want to and if your host has it available I am sure they will be happy to let you take it to go! If not, you will be given a coupon code and you can either discretely order yourself or your host can handle it for you. Either way it will be sent to your doorstep a few days later in a discrete unmarked packaging.

If you already are a Passion Consultant then you will earn an average 20% - 40% instant commission on your party sales. In addition, if you don’t have the product ready to take home that night (highly recommended as otherwise your friends will leave horny and empty handed) then you can provide a coupon code which will give the customer a 10% discount on their next purchase and earns you a 20% commission with no investment on your part. If you didn’t Join, but fell in love with our discrete lipstick vibrator you can earn Sex Bucks (gift certificates) based on your party orders from that night by anyone using your assigned party code. We will then email you your Sex Bucks so you can order right away.

Yes, as a Passion Consultant you will be assigned a unique ID/Coupon code number for the website. Anyone that uses your coupon code, whether you know them or they simply read your blog post or social media comments, will receive a 10% discount off the already heavily reduced prices and you will earn a 20% commission. With Play In Secreteveryone benefits and you have time to please yourself or others by enjoying our products.

As a Passion Consultant you instantly earn 20-40% commission on all products sold and delivered at the party. On line sales of 20% commissions are paid monthly via Paypal. Party hosts that have not joined your team yet earn Sex Bucks usually paid via email within 72 hours of the event.

That is up to your host as some take credit cards or checks but cash is usually king. If you already have earned Sex Bucks (gift certificates) those will need to be redeemed on our website. All orders processed on our website are through paypal so we accept all major credit cards.

No different than any party we always recommend asking your host for permission as you are their guest in case there are space limitations as these events are popular. Make sure you also understand the theme for the party so you don’t bring your lover on a leash to the wrong event. You clearly don’t need to Play In Secret and I like it.

No, sorry. These are adult oriented events so no kids allowed at the event. Besides, how can you relax and explore the latest vibrators with your kids in the room. There is a reason most bedrooms have a door.

Of course as sounds like you will really enjoy them next time you have to cancel your plans. Simply beg forgiveness and ask your party host for their party code. Enter the code at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on your entire order less shipping.