Anal Fantasy EZ Lube Shooter Black

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Anal Fantasy EZ Lube Shooter Black
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Anal Fantasy EZ Lube Shooter. Shoot your lube precisely where you want it and ensure even more comfortable anal sex with the EZ Lube Shooter! This phallic shaped syringe holds up to 30ml e or approximately 1 ounce of your favorite liquid and once you push down on the plunger, the liquid of your choice will flow from the opening of the plastic dildo into any orifice you penetrate! <br /><br />With the EZ Lube Shooter, there is no more worrying about messy lube getting all over your sheets, couch, or dripping off of your dildo! Designed for one handed ease of use, the smooth ABS plastic shooter injects a full load of lube that actually stays inside! Unlike ordinary lube dispensers, the EZ Lube Shooter is thick and long enough to double as a satisfying dildo, while the hole at the tip is large enough to handle both liquids and creams. <br /><br />To fill the EZ Lube Shooter, insert the plastic stopper into the tip, remove the plunger from the bottom of the shooter, then fill with the included Moist Anal Lube. Replace the plunger, remove the plastic stopper from the tip, and allow a small amount of lube to coat the head to ease insertion. Once inserted, press the plunger handle down to release the lubricant into your body and you are ready for comfortable, friction free fun. <br /><br />Includes a free 2 ounces bottle of Moist Anal Lube, a water based, non-scented, non-staining lubricant formulated for long lasting pleasure. Insertable length 4.4 inches, width, diameter 1.3 inches. No more stains or messy sheets. One handed design for easy use. Injects water based lube exactly where you want It. Smooth ABS plastic is phthalate free, hygienic and easy to clean. Flared base for safe entry and easy removal. Features: toy cleaner included, phthalates free, lotion included, multi-function, squirts, prostate, tapered, unisex.
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